Stillwater School of Tae Kwon Do

Phone: (405)377-7299 or (405)612-0174


CLASS INFORMATION - Class Every Tuesday and Thursday 7 pm - 9 pm

Location - Stillwater Parks and Recreation Annex, 319 E. 9th


The Stillwater School of Tae Kwon Do Wild Bunch Martial Arts Class is based on a Tae Kwon Do background integrating the Military background of both Jim Sr. and Jim Jr. (both served in U.S.M.C) into general self-defense and fighting skills. The instructors are available for Self-Defense Seminars and demonstrations for professional, private and public organizations for a nominal fee.

We focus on building self-esteem through self-accomplishment by pushing each student to their individual limits (which is usually significantly farther then they originally perceive). Safety is stressed with considerable emphasis on preventing injuries through enhanced knowledge and physical control.

All students are taught to respect and obey elder and upper ranks and to support and nurture junior and lower ranks. Younger students are taught that school and family come before Karate Class and we will assist in reinforcing the importance of school and good grades with all of our students. All students are required to maintain control of their violent emotions in class with immediate interference by the Instructors at the first sign of any lack of physical control during any class session. Martial Arts are taught for self-defense only and abusively aggressive behavior towards others outside of class is grounds for immediate dismissal. Every student should have a copy of the class rules and are required to follow these rules before, during, and after class.

Adults and children are currently combined in one class with all workouts beginning Tuesday’s and Thursday’s promptly at 7 PM and ending sometime after 9 PM. If you are paying at my class you also have the option of visiting FREE any other Wild Bunch karate class in Tulsa, Bixby, Stillwater, Tahlequah, and Oklahoma City to mention a few cities. This pay-one-play-all benefit is unique to our organization and represents our commitment to producing top notch martial artists in a non-commercial organization.


Dues are currently $30 a month for the first student with family discounts of $50 for a family. All fees are due after the first of the month and no later then the class date closest to the 15 of each month. If there is any problem with payment please contact an instructor as soon as you become aware of the situation.


If you have comments or questions, email the head instructor Jim Kauff Sr. or call (405)377-7299.